Aiforia Technologies

Aiforia Technologies was founded as a spin-off company from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM) at the University of Helsinki in 2013 by researchers and pioneers in the ...

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ATCC is a premier global biological materials and information resource and standards organization and the leading developer and supplier of authenticated cells lines and microorganisms. ...

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BrandTech® Scientific, Inc. offers a complete line of laboratory equipment for Life Sciences and Chemistry, including the NEW BRAND® LHS and LHS flow Liquid Handling Station pipetting ...

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Cutting edge LED illumination systems CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED illumination systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology. Since our ...

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Curiosity is the most powerful asset you own CURIOSIS is an innovative tech-based company that provides integrated solutions in the field of Life Science, especially in cell-based ...

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Emedgene is an AI-powered genomic analysis and interpretation platform applying technology to help geneticists manage their growing workload faster and with higher accuracy. This is ...

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Levitas Bio

The First Label-Free Live Cell Separation Technology  LevitasBio has introduced the first commercial platform to sort live cells without any markers or modifications. For the first ...

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LI-COR Biosciences offers research solutions for robust Western blots and targeted therapeutics development. LI-COR provides the complete solution for quantitative Western blots with ...

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Molecular Devices

Molecular Devices is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance bioanalytical measurement systems, software and consumables for life science research, pharmaceutical ...

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Pall Laboratory

Pall Laboratory is a filtration, separation and purification leader, providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life ...

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The Sartorius Group is a leading international partner of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry. With innovative laboratory instruments and consumables, the Group’s ...

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Zymo Research

Zymo Research is a privately owned company that has been serving the scientific community with state-of-the-art molecular biology tools since 1994. “The Beauty of Science is to Make ...

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