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BioTechniques’ combination of publishing platforms, editorial excellence, and global reach creates a unique opportunity for advertisers to target life scientists where their products and services are most needed and where purchase decisions are most often made: at the lab bench.

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2020 Editorial Calendar and Marketing Planner

Every year, we produce a media kit to help keep advertisers like you informed on the abundance of advertising opportunities BioTechniques has to offer. While you are looking to plan this year’s marketing budget, we wanted to make you aware of the deals that will work best for you. Take a moment to view our Editorial Calendar and Marketing Planner to learn more.

Our open access model, detailed demographic data, and flexible targeting options ensure your advertising reaches the most desirable audience at the most cost-effective price. 85% of our readers use BioTechniques to learn about the latest experimental methods and technologies.

Some of our Advertising Options include:

  • BioTechniques Journal – Print and Digital Editions
  • Banner Ads
  • List Rentals 
  • Webinars
  • Daily, Weekly & Tech-specific Newsletters

A Small sample of Editorial Topics for 2020:

We cover a wide range of topics that are guaranteed to reach your target audience and get them thinking about your products.

  • 3D cell culture: genetic engineering tools to build organoids
  • Sequencing: method developments to address the error rate
  • CRISPR: a diagnostic and therapeutic tool
  • What is next for microbiome research?

Our peer-reviewed scientific articles are the heart of BioTechniques and the reason life scientists turn to us when seeking methods papers with practical applications to advance their research.

Contact Director of Business Development at [email protected] for further details.


Show your thought leadership alongside leading speciality experts and gain high-quality leads. All Spotlight content is housed on a dedicated channel and guided by our advisory panel of  experts, and includes:

  • Your experts alongside industry-leading specialists in a live panel discussion
  • Mini-webinar (30 minutes pre-recorded)
  • A survey to identify common dilemmas faced by our audience
  • Infographics based on survey results that you can use for your own marketing campaigns
  • Themed eNewsletters, including your news, products and features alongside highly valued editorial content
  • Exclusive commentaries and interviews from experts – increasing their profile as well as showcasing your products and solutions in an interesting format
  • Company logo on all promotional material
  • Full contact details of all opt-in registrants and full analytics reports on your placements

Spotlights include: Microbiome, 3D Cell Culture, CRISPR & Sequencing

Contact Director of Business Development at [email protected] for further details.

Expert Interviews

BioTechniques offers a fully comprehensive and flexible content and marketing solution designed to help you achieve your business goals in a professional and meaningful way, aiming to educate and inform the wider life science community.

  • Showcase your specialists’ skills and thought-leadership with an expert interview
  • Great way to introduce a new product
  • Popular and concise way to stand out in the life science field
  • Available as text, audio or video

Filming at: ASHG, SfN, SLAS, AACR, ASM Microbe, ASMS, ACS Fall

Contact Director of Business Development at [email protected] for pricing.

Reach the users you need most through detailed demographic selects and flexible targeting


• Focus: Peer-reviewed Life Science Methods
• Target: Bench Scientists
• Launched: 1983
• Frequency: Monthly
• 80,037 Total Qualified Circulation
– 74,035 Print
– 6002 Digital
• 135,841 Avg. Monthly Unique Web Visitors
• 216,772 Avg. Monthly Page Impressions
• 1.659 Impact Factor

Global Audience

• The largest BPA-audited circulation within life sciences
• 100% requested
• Distributed to over 100 countries

Sponsorship Opportunities include:

  •  Print
    • Print adverts
    • Cover tips
    • Inserts and Outserts
    • Application notes
  • Online
    • Banner adverts
    • Webinars
    • List rentals
    • Product listings
    • Spotlights
    • Virtual symposia
    • In Focus
    • Video
    • Custom eBooks
    • Expert interviews
  • Newsletter and Alerts
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Tech-specific
    • Custom




For pricing, please contact Director of Business Development at [email protected]

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