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January 2017
Volume 62, Number 1
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) of whole genomes and exomes is a powerful tool in biomedical...
Mahjoubeh Jalali Sefid Dashti, and Junaid Gamieldien

Protocol SummaryHere we present an ethanol fixation protocol that allows for the direct...
Akifumi Nakagawa, Kate Von Alt, Keith D. Lillemoe, Carlos Fernández-del Castillo, Andrew L. Warshaw, and Andrew S. Liss

Protocol SummaryEfficient isolation of specific, intact, living neurons from the adult...
Alka Saxena, Akiko Wagatsuma, Yukihiko Noro, Takenobu Kuji, Atsuko Asaka-Oba, Akira Watahiki, Cecile Gurnot, Michela Fagiolini, Takao K. Hensch, and Piero Carninci

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