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April 2015
Volume 58, Number 4
Reproducibility in life science is a hot button topic at the moment. Jeffrey Perkel examines the...
Jeffrey Perkel, Ph.D.
Restriction enzymes have two major limitations for cloning: they cannot cleave at any desired...
Jia-Wang Wang, Amy Wang, Kunyu Li, Bangmei Wang, Shunqian Jin, Michelle Reiser, and Richard F Lockey
Targeted therapies in many cancers have allowed unprecedented progress in the treatment of disease....
Wei Yang, Dawne N Shelton, Jennifer R Berman, Bin Zhang, Samantha Cooper, Svilen Tzonev, Eli Hefner, and John F Regan

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Fast, and Flexible with better yields! An automated workflow solution for sample preparation and purification of DNA, RNA and proteins.
Date: 03/30/2015
Run Time:3:20
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