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September 2014
Volume 57, Number 3
Proving direct relationships between DNA alterations and phenotypes is challenging. For epigenetics...
Patrick C.H. Lo, Ph.D.
Fibroblast cells grown in electrospun polymer scaffolds were stained with platinum blue, a heavy...
Mohammed Yusuf, Ana Luiza G. Millas, Ana Katrina C. Estandarte, Gurdeep K. Bhella, Robert McKean, Edison Bittencourt, and Ian K. Robinson
Analysis of large-scale proteomic data sets requires specialized software...
Silvia von der Heyde, Johanna Sonntag, Daniel Kaschek, Christian Bender, Johannes Bues, Astrid Wachter, Jens Timmer, Ulrike Korf, and Tim Beißbarth

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