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January 2015
Volume 58, Number 1
Skeletal muscle injury elicits the activation of satellite cells and their migration to the wound...
Kyle Peter Goetsch, Celia Snyman, Kathryn Helen Myburgh, and Carola Ulrike Niesler
Assessment of γH2AX expression for studying DNA double-strand break formation is often performed by...
Tyler L. Fowler, Alison M. Bailey, Bryan P. Bednarz, and Randall J. Kimple
Previously, we reported Hi-Plex, an amplicon-based method for targeted massively parallel...
Tú Nguyen-Dumont, Fleur Hammet, Maryam Mahmoodi, Bernard J. Pope, Graham G. Giles, John L. Hopper, Melissa C. Southey, and Daniel J. Park

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