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March 2015
Volume 58, Number 3
The detection of KRAS mutations in codons 12 and 13 is critical for anti-EGFR therapy...
Agnes Zopf, Roman Raim, Martin Danzer, Norbert Niklas, Rita Spilka, Johannes Pröll, Christian Gabriel, Andreas Nechansky, and Markus Roucka
Here we present an improved strategy for producing T-cell receptor (TCR)-expressing retroviral...
Lori V. Coren, Sumiti Jain, Matthew T. Trivett, Claes Ohlen, and David E. Ott
Dissecting and studying cellular systems requires the ability to specifically isolate distinct...
John LaCava, Kelly R. Molloy, Martin S. Taylor, Michal Domanski, Brian T. Chait, and Michael P. Rout

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