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April 2014
Volume 56, Number 4
Removing an antibiotic resistance gene allows the same antibiotic to be re-used in the next round...
Peiling Ni, Qian Zhang, Haixia Chen, and Lingyi Chen
DNA has been recognized as an ideal material for bottom-up construction of nanometer scale...
Takanobu Tsutsumi, Takeshi Asakawa, Akemi Kanegami, Takao Okada, Tomoko Tahira, and Kenshi Hayashi
We demonstrate that a (3-aminopropyl)triethoxysilane-treated glass surface is superior to an...
Hiro-taka Masuda, Seiichiro Ishihara, Ichiro Harada, Takeomi Mizutani, Masayori Ishikawa, Kazushige Kawabata, and Hisashi Haga

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