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July 2014
Volume 57, Number 1
Somatic rearrangements, which are commonly found in human cancer genomes, contribute to the...
Kelly Quek, Katia Nones, Ann-Marie Patch, J. Lynn Fink, Felicity Newell, Nicole Cloonan, David Miller, Muhammad Z. H. Fadlullah, Karin Kassahn, Angelika N. Christ, Timothy J. C. Bruxner, Suzanne Manning, Ivon Harliwong, Senel Idrisoglu, Craig Nourse, Ehsan Nourbakhsh, Shivangi Wani, Anita Steptoe, Matthew Anderson, Oliver Holmes, Conrad Leonard, Darrin Taylor, Scott Wood, Qinying Xu, Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative, Peter Wilson, Andrew V. Biankin, John V. Pearson, Nic Waddell, and Sean M. Grimmond
Fusion protein construction is a widely employed biochemical technique, especially when it comes...
Ketaki D. Belsare, Anna Joëlle Ruff, Ronny Martinez, Amol V. Shivange, Hemanshu Mundhada, Dirk Holtmann, Jens Schrader, and Ulrich Schwaneberg
Window chamber models have been developed and utilized as a means to study the complex...
Rachel Schafer, Hui Min Leung, and Arthur F. Gmitro

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