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BioTalk: High-throughput sequencing in the aDNA field

The field of ancient DNA (aDNA) has taken off thanks to new high-throughput, 2nd generation shotgun sequencing methods using the 454, SOLEXA, and the SOLiD platforms.

In this BioTechniques Podcast, we speak with Mike Bunce and Morten Allentoft from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, about the work done in their laboratory and how the new wave of advanced sequencing technologies will change the future of aDNA research (0:40).

Then, we speak with Tomislav Maricic from the Max Plank Institute in Leipzig, Germany, about his work on the technical aspects of the Neanderthal genome project (8:36).

Mike Bunce

Morten Allentoft

Tomislav Maricic

Podcast Date: April 07 2009 Run Time: 17:25
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