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Next Generation Model Organisms: Benchtalk, Episode 4

In this episode, Stephen M. Secor and Vera Gorbunova join host Andrew S. Wiecek to discuss their works with two unique model organisms, the Burmese python and the naked mole rat. Also, our roundtable with science writers Sarah C. P. Williams and Ashley Yeager.


Featured in this Episode
Stephen M. Secor is Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at University of Alabama.
Vera Gorbanova is Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester.
Sarah C.P. Williams is a freelance science writer based out of Kailua, Hawaii. You can follow her latest work at
Ashley Yeager works in the Office of News and Communications at Duke University and is also a freelance science writer. You can follow her at
Andrew S. Wiecek is news editor at BioTechniques and host of the monthly podcast BenchTalk.You can follow him at
Episode Notes & Links

Stephen M. Secor Interview

  • Secor's lab at the Unviersity of Alabama uses the Burmese phyton to study metabolism in response to long-term fasting.
  • In 2011, Secor and colleagues reported in a Science paper that they identified fatty acids in the Burmese python that promoted beneficial cardiac growth.
  • Right now, Secor and colleagues are sequencing the genome of the Burmese python, as they reported in an 2011 Genome Biology letter.
Vera Gorbanova Interview
Science Roundtable
  • This month, Ashley Yeager reported on how the lamprey eel is becomign a useful model for nuerodegenerative disease.
  • Also this month, Sarah C.P. Williams reported on a new zebrafish model for melanoma.
  • Last month, readers weighed in on our article about postdocs who publish data without the consent of their principal investigators.

Podcast Date: June 29 2012 Run Time:
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