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Video of the Week
How To Eliminate Background in Immunoprecipitation
See how Dynabeads® magnetic beads avoids background vs. Sepharose. It’s not obvious until you see why. There’s also a special offer in participating regions for a FREE magnet at Video Date: December 04 2014 Run Time: 1:59
13 November 2012
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06 September 2012
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01 August 2012
Fast Quantitative Western Blotting New York, NY
15 March 2012
When Fruit Flies Don't Get Sex, They Drink More Alcohol 2:22
23 March 2012
Bart Weetjens: How I Taught Rats to Sniff Out Land Mines and Tuberculosis
24 February 2012
Undergrad Mayhem | 2012 Lab Oscar Nominees New York, NY