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High Performance Flow Cytometer for Everyone

The ACEA NovoCyte™ flow cytometer system is a high performance, budget friendly flow cytometer. It offers 15 parameters, impressive sensitivity and resolution, and customizable laser and optical configurations. The NovoExpress software enables intuitive and easy sample acquisition and analysis. The NovoSampler provides walk away automation and versatility for multiple sample formats in a single, simple setup .

Video Date: June 08 2016 Run Time: 3:04
15 December 2010
Firing Nuerons | Cell Dance 2010, Public Outreach Video Winner Philadelphia, PA
09 December 2010
Powering the Cell: Mitochondria
12 November 2010
Team Slovenia's 2010 iGEM team explains their DNA assembly line project
11 November 2010
DNA folding subscribes to the chaos theory
04 October 2010
Sponsored Video New York, NY.
22 September 2010
Flies sent spinning by what they see New York, NY.