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Video of the Week
How To Eliminate Background in Immunoprecipitation
See how Dynabeads® magnetic beads avoids background vs. Sepharose. It’s not obvious until you see why. There’s also a special offer in participating regions for a FREE magnet at Video Date: December 04 2014 Run Time: 1:59
16 September 2009
Dictyostelium cells under the cyclic stretching stimuli.
16 September 2009
Motion of stretching device using SMA as a power source.
01 April 2009
SPONSORED VIDEO: Get a Better Reaction with BioTek Instruments, Inc. New York, NY
12 March 2009
SPONSORED VIDEO: The xCELLigence System for Real-Time Label-Free Cellular Analysis New York, NY
10 March 2009
Harlem DNA Lab Opening New York, NY