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Beyond the Diffraction Limit: Advances and Applications of Super-Resolution Imaging

Beyond the Diffraction Limit: Advances and Applications of Super-Resolution Imaging

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Super-resolution imaging is expanding our understanding of cellular structures and protein dynamics. First suggested more than 20 years ago, fluorescence techniques capable of resolution in the tens of nanometer range are becoming increasingly commonplace today. In this special web seminar, viewers will learn the basic principles behind several of the most commonly used super-resolution imaging techniques (STED, PALM, STORM, and GSD), hear specific examples where super-resolution approaches have provided unique biological insights, and get a glimpse of what the future holds for super-resolution studies.


Nathan Blow, Ph.D
Editor-in-Chief, BioTechniques


Joerg Bewersdorf
Assistant Professor of Cell Biology, Yale University

Dr. Bewersdorf and his team are developing new fluorescence microscopy techniques with spatial and/or temporal resolutions going far beyond current technology, and applying these to a diverse set of biological questions.

Catherine Galbraith
Senior Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Section on Organelle Biology. “Localizing Molecules to Visualize Biology”

Dr. Galbraith’s studies leverage super-resolution imaging approaches (including PALM and iPALM) to study fundamental mechanisms of cell fate, brain wiring, and synaptogenesis.

Markus Sauer
Professor, Julius-Maximilians-Universitat Wurzburg

Dr. Sauer’s talk will detail recent work from his lab on super-resolution imaging by dSTORM using standard probes with a specific focus on probe requirements for fixed and live-cell super-resolution imaging.

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