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Obtaining Multiparametric, Real-Time Measurements in Industrial Bioprocessing Using Automated Flow Cytometry

Obtaining Multiparametric, Real-Time Measurements in Industrial Bioprocessing Using Automated Flow Cytometry

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Monitoring biomass is crucial when optimizing growth conditions. Compared to traditional biomass monitoring methods, flow cytometry is rapid, accurate, and enables multiparametric analysis of heterogeneous populations with single-cell resolution. With development of automated cell sampling and preparation devices, flow cytometry can analyze biomass at regular intervals to precisely control and optimize cell cultures in bioreactors.

In this webinar, we will discuss how the development of an interface between bioreactors and flow cytometry analyzers makes possible automated, real-time bioprocess control. We will demonstrate how automated flow cytometry provides highly detailed data on the dynamics of cell populations, enabling an unprecedented degree of bioreactor monitoring resolution and control.

Finally, we will discuss how automated flow cytometry can be used to maintain a culture in a steady-state condition of low cell density, called a cytostat, in which the selection condition imposed on the culture is precisely defined by the feed medium. With growth conditions matched to an optimal isolation strategy, faster growing, robust mutants are easily detected. Continuous cultivation in cytostat mode offers a powerful method for the rapid development and evolution of desired strains.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How automated flow cytometry enables real-time multiparametric monitoring and control of cell cultures.
  • How to use automated flow cytometry to optimize development and evolution of desired strains.


S. Anne Montgomery
Editor in Chief, BioProcess International


Christian Lavarreda
Product Manager for Pharma and Biotech Equipment and Services, MSP Corporation

Friedrich Srienc
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, The University of Minnesota Institute of Biotechnology

Dr. Maria Dinkelmann
Senior Marketing Applications Specialist, Personal Flow Cytometry Platforms / BD Biosciences

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