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Life in the Fast Lane: Advances and Applications of Rapid PCR

Life in the Fast Lane: Advances and Applications of Rapid PCR

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Imagine amplifying a nucleic acid template in under 15 minutes; placing your reactions into the thermal cycler and before you can set up your gel, the cycling is complete. Developments in heat transfer technology and reaction chemistry are making this possibility a reality. Rapid PCR provides significant time-savings in the lab, and the application of ultra-rapid amplification could revolutionize testing in clinical diagnostic labs as well as sample processing in forensics. Join us for this special webinar event examining the advances making PCR in under 15 minutes possible.

Speakers will explore:

  • Specialized materials for rapid heat transfer to enable faster cycling times
  • Engineered polymerases for rapid PCR protocols
  • Workflows and pipelines designed specifically for rapid amplification of nucleic acid templates

From this webinar, you will learn:

  • The history behind different Rapid PCR approaches
  • How to implement various Rapid PCR methods in your own lab
  • The latest applications of Rapid PCR in basic research, clinical diagnostics, and forensic science

Attendees will also have the chance to ask questions to our speakers live and will be offered the opportunity at the end of the webinar to evaluate the new Philisa® Real-Time PCR System from Streck.


N. Reginald Beer, Ph.D. - Associate Program Leader at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Bruce McCord, Ph.D. - Professor of Analytical and Forensic Chemistry at Florida International University


Patrick C.H. Lo, Ph.D. - Senior Editor, BioTechniques

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