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Doubling Down: Using Gene Expression Analysis and Proteomics for Immuno-oncology

Doubling Down: Using Gene Expression Analysis and Proteomics for Immuno-oncology
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - 11 AM EDT / 8 AM PDT / 4 PM BST

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Immunotherapy has proven a formidable weapon in the fight against cancer, helping boost the body’s immune response against neoplastic cells. To increase the effectiveness of these treatments, immuno-oncology researchers are now focused on analyzing molecular responses from tumors targeted by immunotherapy to see how these correlate with tumor immunosensitivity.

This special Immuno-Oncology webinar will feature:

• Methods and techniques being used to uncover the molecular responses of tumors to immunotherapy focusing specifically on the use of gene expression and protein analysis

• A discussion of how the application of the latest transcriptomic and proteomic analysis methods aids efforts to determine specific molecular signatures that can be used to predict optimal immunotherapies against specific types of cancer

• A live question and answer session


Davide Bedognetti, MD, Ph.D.
Director, Tumor Biology Immunology and Therapy, Sidra Medical and Research Centre, Doha, Qatar

Karen Anderson, MD, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Center for Personalized Diagnostics
The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University


Patrick C.H. Lo, Ph.D.
Senior Editor, BioTechniques

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