eBook: 3D cell culture

Written by Sartorius

Discover the latest in 3D cell cultures in this eBook, brought to you in association with Sartorius. Combining the highlights from our recent spotlight on 3D cell cultures, including peer-reviewed papers from the journal, interviews with opinion leaders in the field and our infographic created with information from you, our readers.


News, interviews and infographic

  • A shave new world: hairy skin organoids become a reality
  • Modeling a heart attack: researchers develop human cardiac organoid
  • David Spector: utilizing organoids to study breast cancer
  • Sylvia Boj on gene editing in organoids and their use in drug discovery
  • Q&A: 3D cell cultures, from development to drug discovery
  • 3D cell culture infographic

Journal articles

  • Seeing the full picture: advances in 3D cell culture microscopy
  • 3D-printable cell crowding device enables imaging of live cells in compression
  • Organoid model of urothelial cancer: establishment and applications for bladder cancer research
  • A fast and simple fluorometric method to detect cell death in 3D intestinal organoids