DeNovix Inc. is a Delaware (USA) based company that designs, manufactures and sells instrumentation for the life science industry. Founded in 2012, our focus is on providing innovative products and top-rated customer support.

Our multi-award-winning products include the DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer which was twice awarded Reviewers’ Choice Life Science Product of the Year as well as the prestigious Platinum Seal of Quality. The DS-11 Series provides rapid, user-friendly UV-Vis and fluorometric quantification of DNA, RNA and proteins – cornerstone techniques in life science labs.

DeNovix’s latest innovation is the CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter. CellDrop is the first instrument of its kind to enable cell counting without slides. Traditional cell counting requires disposable plastic slides or cumbersome manual counts using a hemocytometer and microscope. DeNovix’s patent-pending DirectPipette™ Technology features permanent sample surfaces that position the sample for counting and may be simply wiped clean to make it ready for the next cell count. Laboratory waste and costs are reduced when labs use CellDrop.

Our team has shipped thousands of instruments from Delaware to life science labs worldwide. Researchers post reviews stating they enjoy our easy-to-use software, performance, smart-phone-like interface, rapid customer support and flexible connectivity of our instruments.

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