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Western blots: ensuring data integrity and optimal results

As the extent of the replication crisis begins to impact the behavior of funders and publishers alike, the integrity and quality of your western blot data have never been more important. LI-COR Biosciences (NE, USA) provides a series of solutions to ensure western blot quality and reproducibility.

Solutions for Western blot reproducibility

Webinar: Optimizing Western Blotting Procedures for Improved Reproducibility

Discover how decisions about experimental design can affect Western blotting reproducibility – and how to make the right decisions in this webinar from Sally Mulford, Sr Molecular Biologist at LI-COR Biosciences.

Generating reproducible western blot data: a guide

Keep up to date with the latest changes in publication guidelines for studies including western blot data and find out the key steps to stay reproducible and publishable with this handy guide.

Data Integrity Bundle

For more assistance in delivering reproducible results, LI-COR Biosciences provides a key Data Integrity Bundle including:

  • Accurate detection: conveniently assess the combined linear detection range and confidently quantitate your results from gel and blot experiments
  • Stable detection chemistry: get consistent data each time you conduct enzymatic detection assays
  • Reliable analysis: get software specifically designed to edit western blot data
  • Comprehensive learning: Train your lab members online with standardized Western blotting protocols, video tutorials, and technical resources
  • Accessible expertise: take advantage of personalized training programs to meet current Western blot publishing guidelines.

For further details and to get in touch for more information on these services visit the Data Integrity Bundle page!

Optimizing your western blots

Application guide: near-infrared western blots

Not getting the best out of your Near Infrared Western Blots? Check out this application guide for tips on making your near-infrared westerns great!

Webinar: How to Improve the Reproducibility of your Western Blotting Data

Get an introduction to the reproducibility issues associated with several common western blotting detection methods, learn how to choose the optimal detection method for your western blotting and discover how to get the best possible data every time in this webinar from Dr. Chassidy Johnson, Field Application Scientist, LI-COR Biosciences.

This content has been provided by LI-COR Biosciences.