Revolutionizing CRISPR screens

Written by 10x Genomics

Gain greater depth of insights with Chromium single cell CRISPR screening!

CRISPR screens are an integral tool for the functional genomics researcher, but traditional screening methods can be complex and lengthy, with low-resolution data output. Chromium Single Cell CRISPR Screening from 10x Genomics offers a simpler, faster workflow, leveraging Feature Barcode technology and next-generation sequencing to detect single-guide RNAs (sgRNAs) and directly link CRISPR perturbations to complete gene expression phenotypes at single cell resolution. Gain the resolution, scale, and speed that you need to perform truly scalable functional genomics.

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In this Infographic, discover the advantages of Chromium single cell CRISPR screening such as:

  • Single cell resolution
  • Scaling your screens
  • Saving time

And much more!

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