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Generation of functional monoclonal antibodies by single B cell cloning

Written by Sino Biological

Antibody generation is a long and multi-step process, starting from antigen generation, immunization, screening to functional evaluation. There are multiple technology platforms available to support high-quality antibody development for both scientific research and therapeutic antibody discovery, including hybridoma, antibody library and single B cell cloning.

In addition to well-established techniques, single B cell sorting has recently been used for antibody screening with advantages in allowing the isolation of native and functional antibodies within a higher chance.

This article by Sino Biological gives an introduction to the single B-cell antibody discovery platform, and shares case studies of producing monoclonal antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2’s key antigen, spike protein, with blocking functions, and high-affinity antibodies recognizing therapeutic drug targets by using this technique.

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Highlights of this article:

  • An introduction to the single B-cell antibody discovery platform
  • Case studies of producing functional monoclonal antibodies using this technique

And much more!

This content was provided by Sino Biological.