David Cronk

Charles River Laboratories (Cambridge, UK)

David Cronk is Director of High Throughput Screening Sciences at Charles River, a leading provider of contract drug discovery services. David has been in the CRO sector since 2005 and has responsibility for HTS and the associated assay development activities. In this role he discusses hit finding and compound profiling projects with potential and existing clients across the pharmaceutical sector, ranging from the large pharmaceutical companies to charitable foundations and academic institutions, to advise and discuss assay options covering the entire spectrum of target classes. Once projects are initiated, he provides hands on project management or higher-level guidance for all activities of the hit finding process including assay development, compound management, and data interpretation, all of which play an important role in successful project delivery.

He is an experienced assay development and screening scientist gained within the GlaxoSmithKline organization (15 years) undertaking assay development and screening, largely focussing on cell based assays for GPCR and ion channel targets and a further 3 years in the biotech sector, heading the molecular pharmacology team for an analgesia focussed drug discovery company. David also serves on the General Committee and Science Strategy Committee for the European Laboratory Research and Innovation Group (ELRIG).