Michael P. Weiner

AxioMx (CT, USA)

Dr Weiner is a serial scientific entrepreneur. He has either founded or was one of the first 10 employees of: 454 Life Sciences (genetics, genomics, Next-gen DNA sequencing), The Rothberg Institute (understanding Tuberous Sclerosis Complex), RainDance Technologies (microfluidics), Affomix Corporation (proteomics), GnuBio (DNA sequencing using microfluidics) and AxioMx, Inc. (Next-generation affinity reagents). His major commercial accomplishments include: the invention of the QuikChange Site-directed mutagenesis method and Luminex-based SNP genotyping. He is a co-inventor of 454 DNA sequencing, emulsion PCR for DNA sequencing, droplet PCR and droplet labeling. His current interests are in the development of better affinity reagents, mostly antibodies, for the research, diagnostic and therapeutic markets using phage display, microfluidics and immunorepertoire sequence analysis.

Dr Weiner has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed articles, over 30 patent/patent applications, and has edited 3 books and Journal Supplements in his areas of expertise (cloning vectors, protein cloning and expression, and Genomic analysis technology). He holds a BSci in Microbiology from Penn State University, and a PhD in Genetics (with additional minors in Microbiology and Biochemistry) from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). He performed his post-doctoral training in Physical Chemistry (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY).