Piotr Chomczynski

Molecular Research Center (OH, USA)

Dr Chomczynski is a scientist and educator who emigrated from Poland to the USA in 1983. In 1983-1986 he was a visiting Scientist at NIH, and from 1986-1996 he worked as a research professor at College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati. In 1987, Dr Chomczynski created and published with Nicoletta Sacchi the single-step method for RNA isolation. The publication has become a citation classic, and is number 5 on Nature’s list of all-time most cited scientific papers (2014). Since 1989, in his company Molecular Research Center, he develops techniques and reagents for RNA and DNA isolation such as: RNAzol, DNAzol, TRI Reagent and Trizol.

Dr Chomczynski has been listed as Number 17 on the Guardian list of “Giants of Science” (2003), and on the Thomson Institute “Scientific Superstars” list (2010). In 2004 he formed and successfully ran the first business TV channel in Poland.  In 2010, he built and still operates processing plant producing, based on his patented process, Lycolife, a tomato juice that taste like a fruit juice.