Timothy Veenstra

Maranatha Baptist University (WI, USA)

Dr Veenstra obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada focusing on protein structure elucidation using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) followed by the completion of a post-doctoral fellowship at the Mayo Clinic where he became interested in using mass spectrometry (MS) to study biological applications.  Shortly after his post-doc he directed a proteomics and analytical chemistry lab at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). His groups’ focus was on using MS to identify biomarkers for various diseases, including cancer, and developing analytical methods to quantitatively measure the absolute abundance of cancer-related proteins and metabolites.

After leaving the NCI, he worked as a Senior Vice President for Research and Development at a biotech company that focused on the discovery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents for neurological diseases. Dr Veenstra is currently the Chair of the Applied Science Department at Maranatha Baptist University where he focuses and training the next generation of medical doctors and research scientists. Dr Veenstra has published more than 380 peer-reviewed articles and is currently collaborating on a book describing how proteomics technology impact biological discovery.