Introducing consistency, efficiency, and reproducibility into single-cell studies

Written by 10x Genomics


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From neuroscience to immunology, transcriptomics to drug discovery, single-cell studies are becoming increasingly entrenched in numerous fields of research.

These studies yield a far greater understanding of the biological complexity within a cell population, providing an insight into the heterogeneity between cells and ultimately enabling more accurate comprehension of cell and tissue biology. These insights expose the mechanics of disease pathogenicity, identifying targets for drug discovery.

However, single-cell studies do present challenges. Additional steps lead to increased hands-on laboratory time and wherever more steps are required, the opportunity for human error and natural variation increases. Improving the efficiency and reproducibility of these studies is, therefore, essential.

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Content includes:

  • White paper: Accelerating drug discovery with an automated single-cell workflow
  • Research snapshot: Direct capture of guide RNAs enables scalable and combinatorial single-cell CRISPR screens
  • Application note: Transcriptional profiling of 1.3 million brain cells with the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution
  • Product sheet: Simultaneous profiling of the transcriptome and epigenome from the same cell
  • Product sheet: Multiomic profiling of the immune system
    at single-cell resolution