Updates and changes to BioTechniques.com

Written by Tristan Free

There will be a few changes to BioTechniques over the next few days to refresh our member system and update how users can access content. If you are already a subscriber to BioTechniques, this will not change your ability to freely access our site.

BioTechniques is introducing gated content. This will mean that all unregistered users of the site will be able to access three pieces of content before needing to sign in to the site to access more content.

For all current subscribers of BioTechniques, you will receive an email over the next 2 days that will contain your username and password for the site. You can use these details to sign in to the site by clicking on the user icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen; unregistered users will also be able to register for an account via this icon.

The user icon, located between the Events and Search function, is where you will be able to sign in.


This system will give you, our readers, greater control of your email and newsletter preferences and allow you to highlight which areas if of the life sciences you are most interested in, so we can begin to tailor content to our users, and continue to provide BioTechniques content freely.

If you require any assistance with the log-in process please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page.