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Featured journal article: A western blot and immunoprecipitation assay to verify antibody specificity

Written by Bethyl Laboratories


Life scientists are raising awareness of the problem of irreproducible data in basic research. Part of the crisis of irreproducibility has been blamed on antibodies, and from this standpoint, an equal push to bring awareness to antibody validation has been initiated. Although scientists agree the onus of validation is on the user, it is also viewed that commercial antibody providers should share in this responsibility.

Find out more about how commercial antibody providers are sharing the responsibility for antibody validation, with Bethyl Laboratories’ solution for a practical, high-throughput method for validating the target-specificity of antibodies for the application of western blot.

Also, find out more about how the ENCODE project – an NIH-funded initiative designed to generate and provide publicly-available data related to the human genome – is supporting validation.