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eBook: COVID-19 testing and vaccines

Academics, industry and health services alike combined forces and sprang into action last year to develop, produce, trial, gain approval and rollout COVID-19 tests and vaccines in record-breaking time. While timelines for the approval of novel vaccines can span time periods of up to 20 years, this feat was achieved by pharmaceutical companies in less than 1 year while maintaining safety protocols and high efficacies.

In this eBook on COVID-19 testing and vaccines, we will explore some of the foundational research into different COVID-19 tests and vaccine development. We will also explore our developing understanding of how COVID-19 variants can be detected and monitored throughout populations, as well as how antibody testing works hand-in-hand with vaccination to assess how individual immune responses vary.

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In this eBook you will explore:

  • an Interview: How genomics is paving the way for viral surveillance: an interview with Lin Pham
  • an Article: Bolstering the assay arsenal to investigate COVID-19
  • a Review: An immune epigenetics insight to COVID-19 infection

And much more!

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