April 2020 – Vol. 68 No. 4

  • May 2020 ‐ Vol. 68 No. 5
  • June 2020 ‐ Vol. 68 No. 6

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Highlights of this issue include: 

Opinion: My data suck and so do yours! 

Interview: Building a LEGO lab 

Interview: The soil microbiome: a ticking time bomb for climate change 

Report: Digital droplet PCR and IDAA for the detection of CRISPR indel edits in the malaria species Anopheles stephensi 

Report: Cellular thermal shift analysis for interrogation of CRISPR-assisted proteomic changes 

Report: Nanoliter-scale next-generation sequencing library-mediated high-throughput 16S rRNA microbial community profiling 

Report: A simple and reliable method for determination of optimum pH in coupled enzyme assays 

Report: Optimization of western blotting for the detection of proteins of different molecular weight 

Benchmark: A novel method for removing polyethyleneimine from biopharmaceutical samples: improving assay sensitivity of residual DNA qPCR 

Benchmark: 3D-printable cell crowding device enables imaging of live cells in compression 

Benchmark: Kinase activity-tagged western blotting assay 

Plus new products for your lab, information on our cover competition, and many more method articles, interviews and expert opinion pieces. 

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