From cell culture to target protein: exploring the benefits of the 24-well plate workflow

Written by Pall Laboratories

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The use of 24-well cell culture plates in laboratory applications is rapidly growing.

Researchers are recognizing the advantages of 24-well filtration workflows to accelerate throughput, save time, and simplify processes in product purification. This new paper reviews the comprehensive nature of Pall’s 24-well filter plate line and explores the benefits these plates provide to numerous workflows.

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You will learn:

  • How 24-well filter plates simplify clarification, sterile filtration, desalting, clean up, and buffer exchange applications.
  • How total filter plate workflows deliver hold-up volume, target molecule capture, and protein binding performance that are commensurate or better than spin column and manual operations.
  • The time and labor-saving benefits of applying 24-well filter plates.

Benefits of Pall’s 24-well filter plate:

  • The 24-well clarification and sterile filter plate will save up to 35 minutes versus manually processing a 24-well plate with syringe filters.
  • The 24-well filter plate with Omega membrane offers at least a 25% reduction in set-up time versus spin tubes when used in concentration, desalting, and/or buffer exchange applications.
  • The filter plates’ predictable processing times make it easy for users to set their workflow protocols.

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