NGS-based microbial and antibiotic resistance test for urinary tract infections

MiDOG® offers next-generation DNA sequencing based microbial diagnostic tests for companion animals. To complement the MiDOG All-in-One Swab Test Kit for skin, ear, or GI infections, MiDOG  now also offers an All-in-One Urine Test Kit for the identification and quantification of all bacteria and fungi in urine samples.

The urine sample can be obtained either by cystocentesis or free-catch methods from any type of animal. In addition to a sample’s microbial profile, the MiDOG testing service will also report antibiotic resistances to assist veterinarians with good stewardship in targeted treatments. Urinary tract infections in companion animals are very common, often resulting from anaerobic bacteria, such as Mycoplasma canis or Proteus mirabilis, both easily missed by traditional culture testing.

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