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Avoiding hurdles in molecular assay development


This webinar will demonstrate how small changes to assay components (such as enzyme selection) can overcome many of these hurdles during development and significantly impact the overall quality and accuracy of an assay. The presentation will cover specific cases related to SARS-CoV-2 detection and highlight quality and manufacturing considerations crucial to developing a molecular assay for any target.

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Topics covered

  • Understand common challenges in molecular assay development and how to overcome them
  • Discover various methods of enzyme development and key attributes contributing to improved molecular assay design
  • Determine important considerations in quality and manufacturing standards for molecular assay development

About the speaker

Naeem Nathoo
New Business Development Manager,
Molecular Diagnostics

Naeem Nathoo holds a Master’s degree in Biology and Microbiology from Western University in London, Ontario. Naeem joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2016 and is currently the Business Development Manager for the Molecular Diagnostics, Commercial Supply, and OEM businesses. Naeem has extensive experience in B2B partnerships with bio-incubators, and his deep understanding of developing partnerships for the research, development and validation, and ultimately commercialization phases of the molecular diagnostic journey allow for time savings and operational efficiency.

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