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About BioTechniques
About BioTechniques

BioTechniques brings readers news features and peer-reviewed research articles focusing on the latest in methods and techniques for lab scientists. From informative Tech News features to primary research articles that can have an immediate impact in the lab, each issue has something for everyone.

Feature Articles

From the Editor: Our editors make it a point to know what’s on the minds of our readers. This feature delivers the editors’ take on all of the latest controversy, as well as news in the scientific community and in BioTechniques, upfront.

BioSpotlight: BioSpotlights summarize high-caliber papers published in BioTechniques. Its purpose is to draw the attention of readers from diverse fields to important articles in the current issue.

Citations: Similar to BioSpotlight, Citations highlight exceptional peer-reviewed articles published in other journals that carry particular interest to BioTechniques readers.

Scientist Profile: Interviews with prominent scientists whose work is of interest to BioTechniques’ readers, providing insights into the character and motivation that drives successful scientists.

Tech News: Our most popular feature, Tech News brings the latest in methods, techniques, and technology development to readers in a feature article format. Each month our writers speak with leaders in fields ranging from genomics and proteomics to microbiology and microfluidics to report on those emerging technology trends driving research forward.

Troubleshooting Forum: The Troubleshooting Forum, includes Q&A discussions from the scientific community adapted from postings at the online BioTechniques Molecular Biology Techniques Forums. Questions reflect current problems encountered by researchers in the lab, and the answers are provided by experienced peers.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Reviews: Surveys of methodologies related to broad fields of life science research, providing a balanced and comprehensive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the relevant technical approaches.

Reports: Research articles describing novel methodological advances of substantive value to life science researchers, such as new techniques, materials, and protocols.

Benchmarks: Short communications offering concise new methods or brief substantive modifications to existing methods that demonstrate significant improvements in results or substantial time, labor, or cost savings.

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