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Lab essentials eBook: optimizing sample preparation and product purification

We are pleased to present you with this eBook on sample preparation and product purification, produced by BioTechniques in association with Pall. This eBook aims to provide you with key updates in the foundational processes of sample preparation and product purification.

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In this eBook, we will explore some of the key updates to sample preparation and product-purification workflows and techniques. We also examine the technologies available to improve these processes and their real-world impacts in different applications.

Contents include:

  • Interview: Filtration, purification and separation: 60s with Lori Euler
  • Benchmark: Optimized transformation, overexpression and purification of S100A10
  • Scientific brief: From cell culture to target protein: exploring the benefits of the 24-well filter plate workflow
  • Benchmark: Strand-specific detection of overlapping transcripts via purification involving denaturation of biotinylated cDNA
  • Scientific brief: A new, innovative process for clarifying and sterile filtering cells for protein purification workflows
  • Benchmark: Focused size selection of cell-free DNA samples for liquid biopsy applications that rely on next-generation sequencing
  • Quick tech note: Lysate clearance