LI-COR Biosciences offers research solutions for robust Western blots and targeted therapeutics development. LI-COR provides the complete solution for quantitative Western blots with its Data Integrity Bundle that includes standardized protocols, robust detection, validated reagents, online training, secure data analysis software, and on-demand support. The Odyssey® CLx and Odyssey Fc imaging systems offer options for near-infrared and chemiluminescent Western blotting, and the C-DiGit® Blot Scanner functions as a personal, portable chemiluminescent imager.

The company is an industry leader in imaging systems, analysis software, and IRDye® infrared dye reagents for quantitative protein and small animal imaging. For targeted therapeutics research, the Pearl® Trilogy small animal imaging system provides insight into in vivo specificity, biodistribution, and clearance of optical imaging agents. Its sensitive, dual mode optical detection platform affords great flexibility for small animal imaging. From academic discovery to preclinical validation, LI-COR technology helps move research through the development process.