Bringing scale and single cell resolution to functional CRISPR screens

Written by 10x Genomics

CRISPR screening is a powerful method to investigate how the quantitative expression of certain genes affects complex cellular phenotypes and processes. With Chromium Single Cell CRISPR Screening from 10x Genomics, researchers can profile hundreds of different CRISPR perturbations and detect single-guide RNAs (sgRNAs) with directly linked gene expression phenotypes at single cell resolution. This comprehensive approach empowers researchers to explore the complete transcriptomic effects of genetic perturbations with greater throughput, experimental efficiency, and resolution than bulk CRISPR screening or individual knockouts.

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In this Infographic, explore how to:

  • Design your CRISPR library
  • Assemble lentiviruses
  • Infect and select your cells

And much more!

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