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CRISPR-PN2: a flexible and genome-aware platform for diverse CRISPR experiments in parasitic nematodes

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The advent of precision genome editing via Clustered Regularly Interspaced Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) technology has revolutionized many fields of biological research. In addition to its remarkably efficacy, the widespread adoption of CRISPR technology has been fueled by its low cost, which has brought genetic technology to many systems that were previously refractory to such manipulations. Parasitic nematodes represent such a group, in that heretofore they have lacked many genetic tools to generate mutants, but now this is starting to change. To facilitate the development of CRISPR experimentation in parasitic nematodes, it is critical to provide comprehensive and flexible tools to automate the design of specific short guide RNA (sgRNA) sequences that lack off-target effects. Here, I present CRISPR-PN2, a flexible and intuitive web-based platform that predicts specific gRNA targets for diverse CRISPR experiments in parasitic nematodes. 

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