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Psychobiotics: are we on the cusp of a breakthrough? Find out in your latest issue of BioTechniques

Written by Ebony Torrington (Managing Editor)

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This issue of BioTechniques presents new machinery to protect laboratory workers from biofluids – improving laboratory biosafety; an online tool for diverse CRISPR experiments in parasitic nematodes and a Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Itano, highlighting her goals for the journal and website in the next academic year! Check out the full listing for the September issue below.

Technology news

Psychobiotics: are we on the cusp of a breakthrough? – What do you think? Let us know on twitter via @MyBioTechniques

Letter from the Editor

A letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Reports & Benchmarks

Colonoscopy-based intramucosal transplantation of cancer cells for mouse modeling of colon cancer and lung metastasis

Effects of a fully enclosed hollow-fiber centrifugal ultrafiltration technique for laboratory biosafety improvement

Targeted proteomics analysis of plasma proteins using recombinant protein standards for addition only workflows

Reverse complement-PCR, an innovative and effective method for multiplexing forensically relevant single nucleotide polymorphism marker systems

Simple, inexpensive and RNase-free purification of plasmid DNA by fractional precipitation with isopropanol

CRISPR-PN2: a flexible and genome-aware platform for diverse CRISPR experiments in parasitic nematodes

Application Notes

Sample collection/stabilization and DNA/RNA extraction from swab samples for microbiome or metagenome analyses

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