2018 BioTechniques holiday gift guide

Stuck in the lab with no time for holiday shopping? Here we offer a few gift suggestions sure to bring joy to the scientists in your life.11002

Chem Time Clock – a must-have for any budding chemist, learn to tell the time at the same time as learning the atomic numbers of these key elements.


Caffeine Molecule Necklace – do you know someone who loves science almost as much as they love coffee? This caffeine molecule necklace could fit the bill.


Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World – stories of powerful women in science #girlpower.


Research Science Mug – “what you’re doing when you don’t know what you’re doing.”


Brain Cell Plushy – neuroscientists that live for neurons can now cuddle one to sleep, too.


3D Human Spine Anatomical Model Paperweight – an interesting addition to any desk.


Mitosis Gold Foil Print – the perfect gift for home or the office. Making mitosis more glamorous.



Experimenting with Babies – a must-have for any scientist that has just become (or is soon to become) a parent.


DNA Ornament – can be given as an unusual ornament to hang on your holiday tree, or as an ornament for the office all-year-round.


Syringe Highlighters – a fun and colorful stocking filler.


Storm Glass – a simple barometer in which the crystals inside respond to changes in atmospheric pressure, providing you with the forecast.


Don’t Be So Salty Mug – a great Secret Santa gift!


DNA Earrings – any keen biologist will appreciate not only the elegance of these earrings, but also that they are anatomically correct.


Mug – “please do not confuse your Google search with my science degree.”


Brain Beanie – your brain uses 20% of your calories!  You can simultaneously keep it warm and show it off with this amazing brain hat.


Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner – spice up your Christmas day dinner. From sabring a bottle of champagne to hammering a needle through a coin, dinner will never be the same again.


Mug – “chemistry is like cooking. Just don’t lick the spoon.”


Brain Bookends – a great way to help store your paper-bound knowledge. Made from concrete the bookends represent the two hemispheres of the brain.


Chemistry Tea Cosy – handmade, with drawstrings adorned with Erlenmeyer Flask and Microscope charms to pull the cozy close to your teapot, to keep tea extra toasty.


Molecule Christmas Bauble – for those who struggle to leave work in the lab over the holiday period.


Periodic Table Tote Bag – a stylish accessory for any chemist.


Sound Wave Print – a great buy for any geek. You can turn their favorite song or noise into a personalized print sound wave.


Embroidered Bacteriophage Bookmark – a cute present for any scientist. They can also be made as a necklace, pin, keychain or ruler and there are many other designs to choose from too (e.g. microscope, human heart).


Metallic Elements Shiny Pencil Set – pencils are staple pieces of equipment for anyone in the lab, or in school. Treat them to these shiny pencils, with information about the chemical elements gold, silver and copper on them.


Solar System Necklace – learn your Mercury from your Mars and adorn yourself in the planetary wonders of our solar system.


Letterbox Lab – everything needed to perform experiments is contained in a box small enough to fit through a letterbox! A great gift for those you can’t be with over the holidays.


Lab Scented Candle – a beautifully scented candle (it doesn’t actually smell like a lab) hand-poured into a beaker.