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Infectious disease sample collection

Infectious disease research is an essential component of human society that has been thrown into the spotlight by the COVID-19 pandemic. This research is enabled by a diverse array of methods and technologies, from sequencing and analysis to therapeutic target identification. But at a fundamental level, sample collection and preparation form the bedrock that the rest of these components stand on.

Infectious disease samples present a litany of challenges concerning their safe handling, collection in extreme or remote environments and protection in transit to laboratories; often with cold-chain requirements. With the surveillance for emerging diseases and the importance of outbreak control at the forefront of global science, the need for practical, efficient and effective foundations for infectious disease research is clear.

In this In Focus, we will explore:

  • Best practices for infectious disease sample collection
  • Sample collection and preparation methods for different applications
  • Preserving sample integrity for effective sequencing and analysis
  • Case studies of effective and resilient sample collection and preparation