FAOBlue: a game-changer for analyzing fatty acid oxidation (FAO) activity

Presently there are no research tools for direct FAO activity detection. Funakoshi Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) proudly offers a novel, FAO activity detection reagent called FAOBlue.

FAO is the important catabolic pathway for energy production in mitochondria and many associated pathway enzymes. Abnormal FAO activity is related to the causes of some diseases such as cancer or NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis). However, conventional assays are indirect or insufficient to analyze overall FAO activity.

Funakoshi’s FAOBlue, a new fatty acid-derivative probe helps to directly detect overall FAO activity in live cells. Pre-metabolized FAOBlue is non-fluorescent, but after mitochondria metabolization via FAO cycle, results in a strong blue fluorescence.

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Learn more about Funakoshi’s FAOBlue here.