One for all: the new Pall Nanosep® device for nucleic acid binding

Use just one device to purify your plasmid DNA, genomic DNA or total RNA with the new multipurpose Pall Nanosep® centrifugal device for nucleic acid binding (NAB).

Offering increased binding capacity through its innovative dual-layer silica-based quartz glass fiber membrane, the versatile device can recover from 10,000 down to 50 base pairs – a wide range offering benefits for applications requiring efficient capture of small fragments.

Overall, the Pall NAB Nanosep offers you flexibility and cost savings without sacrificing quantity or quality. Request a sample or find out more with Pall’s comprehensive protocols and application notes below.

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Hear from Pall’s Project Manager for the device, Lori Euler, in this exclusive interview with BioTechniques: Two minutes with Lori Euler, Pall Global Product Manager for the Nanosep® nucleic acid binding device.

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