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Raising the bar: new real-time PCR cycler makes it easier to brew the perfect pint

Written by Caitlin Killen

real-time PCR cycler beer spoilage

The Real-Time PCR Cycler Dualo 32® enables the detection of over 30 organisms that cause beer spoilage, allowing optimized quality control for the brewery industry. BIOTECON Diagnostics (Potsdam, Germany) has announced the release of the Real-Time PCR Cycler Dualo 32®. In combination with their foodproof® Beer Screening Kits and foodproof® Spoilage Yeast Detection Kits this newly developed system enables detection of over 30 bacteria and yeast species ­– including Legionella and Alicyclobacillus – that are capable of spoiling beer. While beer is a hostile growth environment for most bacteria, certain species such as Lactobacillus brevis and Pectinatus cerevisiiphilus can survive...

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