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Charting a course through the enteric nervous system with a new single-cell atlas

Written by Tristan Free (Digital Editor)

Enteric Nervous System Development in microscope images of zebrafish
A microscope image of the entire embryonic zebrafish gut with enteric nervous system cells highlighted in blue and green. (Credit: Akshaya Venkatesh/Rice University)

Translucent zebrafish embryos have been used to create a single-cell atlas of the cells that lead to the development of the enteric nervous system: enhancing our ability to tackle debilitating and sometimes fatal diseases of the enteric nervous system. A recent single-cell transcriptomics study has resulted in the award of a $2 million (USD) NIH (MD, USA) grant to study the chronically unexplored topic of enteric nervous system development. The enteric nervous system controls many of the processes involved in digestion. The study, led by Rosa Uribe (Rice University, TX, USA) produced the first single-cell catalog of activated genes in...

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