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Talking Techniques | DNA vaccines: combating cancer and COVID-19

In this special AACR episode, Digital Editor Tristan Free speaks to David Weiner, Director of the Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center at the Wistar Institute (PA, USA), about synthetic DNA and DNA vaccines. They discuss the exciting potential of DNA vaccines in the world of cancer research and delve into Weiner’s study, currently in human trial stages, to develop a DNA vaccine for COVID-19.


  • Synthetic DNA and DNA vaccines- 50sec
  • A brief history of DNA vaccines- 1min 40sec
  • Key steps in DNA vaccine design- 3min 30sec
  • Targeting head and neck cancers- 5min 5sec
  • Advantages and challenges of DNA vaccines- 7min 10sec
  • Lessons from previous coronaviruses- 10min 25sec
  • Current status of COVID-19 DNA vaccine- 14min 26sec
  • The speed of COVID-19 science-16min 24sec
  • DNA Vaccines in the next 5 years- 18min 55sec