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COVID-19 testing: an overview

As part of our In Focus on COVID-19 diagnostics, this video explores the need for testing to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, before exploring the three different types of testing available: RT-PCR, antibody and antigen. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these testing types we outline the foundations required to establish a successful, thorough testing regimen.

Check out the articles below for a more detailed look at COVID-19 diagnostics and testing programs.

PCR lab methodsThe importance of limit of detection in COVID-19 tests

In this article, Zymo Research analyzes the importance of the LoD in COVID-19 tests, highlighting the difference in LoD between different test types and the trade-offs required to achieve a high LoD. Make the best decisions for your testing lab and strike that balance to achieve a successful testing program with the advice in this article.

COVID-19 testingHow to start COVID-19 testing in your lab: a quick guide

In this quick COVID-19 testing guide from Zymo Research, you will discover the pitfalls to look out for and how to overcome the challenges associated with establishing a successful testing regimen. These challenges include choosing the appropriate test to adopt, regulatory demands, lack of clinical samples for validation testing, lack of testing reagents and instruments, reagent incompatibilities and becoming established as a test provider in a fast-paced, competitive market.