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Seven tips to improve your cell counting accuracy

Cell counting and viability measurements are fundamental aspects of a wide variety of research projects. Whether you are studying the impact of novel therapeutic agents on cancer cells or pathogens for drug development or culturing cells to examine their properties under varying disease states, cell counting will inevitably play a key foundational role in your research.

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This free on-demand webinar, presented by Dan Schieffer, Scientific Director at DeNovix, provides some simple steps that can be taken to improve cell counting accuracy. These steps can be easily integrated into your existing workflows and are applicable across a broad range of technologies.

Optimal exposure for fluorescence microscopy

These seven tips will help you to:

  • Prevent contamination
  • Ensure your samples are representative
  • Minimize cell clumping
  • Obtain accurate results with both fluorescence and traditional bright-field microscopy
  • Avoid errors induced by variations in cell density, size and shape
  • Choose the optimal microscopy technique for your sample