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Quantifying the power of the immune system to fight cancer using live-cell analysis


Immuno-oncology is a rapidly progressing therapeutic approach that harnesses the body’s immune system to fight cancer. In comparison to other chemotherapeutic strategies, the precision of the immune system allows for a more targeted approach to the killing of cancer cells, whilst sparing healthy cells. A rapid expansion in recent clinical approvals has been seen for both antibody and cell-based approaches, but many obstacles remain in the development and understanding of these therapeutics. Through the introduction of live-cell analysis, researchers can increase their biological insight to support the development of future therapeutics.

What will you learn?

  • How live-cell analysis can provide functional, biological insight for bio-therapeutics
  • Guidance on how live-cell analysis can be built into your development workflows
  • Case study data to support the use of live-cell analysis

Who may this interest?

  • Scientists developing immunotherapies to fight cancer
  • Researchers involved in antibody development for oncology
  • Those who would like to integrate live-cell imaging into their workflows


Nicola Bevan
Sartorius (UK)

Nicola Bevan is a Manager of a Cell Imaging Applications Group, working within the European based BioAnalytics research team, where she is involved in the research and development of novel kinetic applications for the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems, expanding their system capabilities.

She is a highly experienced cellular pharmacologist with more than 25 years’ experience. She has worked within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, where she has gained broad experiences in a large pharmaceutical industrial screening department (GSK) and has supported early drug discovery programs.

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