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Preventing pandemics and looking beyond brightfield – your latest issue of BioTechniques

Written by Francesca Lake (Editor-in-Chief)

BioTechniques journal new issue

In addition to the latest methods updates, this issue of BioTechniques dives into metagenomics, the future of slide scanners, and point-of-care technology development during COVID-19. Technology news Are future pandemics inevitable, or will the lessons we’ve learned from COVID-19 help prevent them in the future? Here, Editors Abigail Sawyer, Tristan Free and Joseph Martin examine how advances in metagenomics might be key to preventing ‘this’ from happening again. Read now: Metagenomics: preventing future pandemics Expert Opinion Brightfield microscopy is standard lab tech, but how can we build on it? Here, UC Davis (CA, USA) researchers Farzad Fereidouni and Richard Levenson...

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