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Advanced proteomic analysis

Aptamer binding a protein

The impressive speed of development in the realm of genomic techniques has dramatically expanded our understanding of disease risk and highlighted key indications for the biology behind specific diseases. While the impact of this information cannot be understated, the translational utility remains to be realized, due in part to the lagging development technologies for proteomic analysis. Well-established proteomic analysis methods, such as antibody assays and mass spectrometry, often exhibit throughput, dynamic range or operational times that can limit the scope of a study, limiting our ability to interrogate the proteome, that actions the commands of the genome.

Recent developments in more contemporary techniques, such as aptamer-based screening and detection technologies, are finally enabling researchers to bridge the gap between our wealth of genomic insights and our interpretation of this information into translatable studies of clinical significance.

This In Focus on advanced proteomic analysis will explore these developments, comparing and contrasting the available techniques for proteomic studies, and discussing the value of these developments in disease research.