Find out how LED illumination is advancing science

Find out from experts in the field how the latest developments in LED illumination systems are transforming fluorescence microscopy. In our Under the Microscope series, CoolLED chats to their researchers, pathologists and microscope facility managers to give you a glimpse into some of the fascinating applications and benefits of LED illumination technology.

LED illumination systems in the modern sustainable laboratory. Find out how scientists can become more sustainable in the lab, for example by switching to energy-efficient equipment – which some institutions support through ‘Green Grants’. Read the interview here.

Exploring the benefits of LED microscopy illumination in an academic imaging facility. How a University of Oxford imaging facility switched to LED Illumination Systems due to their simplicity, reliability and safety concerns over mercury. Read the interview here.

Simple LED Illumination System saves the day in Brazil. A CoolLED Illumination System stepped in at a crucial moment to help develop antimicrobial gloves and reduce the spread of infections in healthcare environments. Read the interview here.

Simultaneous in vivo fluorescence and DIC imaging of fast-moving samples. A clever trick to capture fluorescent signals and morphological information C. elegans. Read the interview here.

The benefits of customisable LED Illumination Systems in automated imaging systems. Why automated imaging experts for clinical immunoassays have relied on customisable LED Illumination Systems for the past 12 years. Read the interview here.

Investigating 280 nm LEDs in biomedical imaging. PhD student at the University of Strathclyde tells us about her project and paper which introduces a new method for characterising deep-UV LEDs. Read the interview here.

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