New CoolLED method enables accurate evaluation of illumination “intensity”

Since LED illumination systems for fluorescence microscopy arrived on the market, what is often known as “illumination intensity” has been a hot topic – and rightly so. The amount of light reaching the sample significantly impacts the brightness and contrast of fluorescence microscopy images and can make or break an experiment.

However, the topic has been surrounded by complex, confusing and sometimes inaccurate measurements and terminology. Even the term “intensity” is inaccurate. We have provided two white papers to guide microscopists on this topic:

  • New method to accurately evaluate illumination “intensity”: Learn how to quantify the amount of light at the sample plane and directly compare systems and microscope configurations to find the best solution. Read the white paper here.
  • How to boost irradiance: Which microscope components should be considered when optimising sample illumination, and why less is sometimes more. Read the white paper here.

A selection of white papers, application notes and expert interviews are available on our online Technical Resources page.

Learn more about CoolLED here.