CoolLED video guides for LED illumination

Supporting microscopists is what we do best and we’ve now made our simple-to-use Illumination Systems even easier to understand with our new video tutorial series. Each video walks you through every step to take, from selecting the right model to setting up an experiment in popular imaging software.

The new series will be of particular interest for users of our popular pE-300 Series range of LED Illumination Systems for fluorescence, optogenetics, electrophysiology and high-speed microscopy applications. It comprises three systems providing a solution that covers a range of everyday fluorescence microscopy; from the simple pE-300lite through the classic pE-300white to the highly controllable pE-300ultra. The systems are also unique in being available as a Direct Fit model, which increases light intensity and reduces the cost to buy and run thanks to fewer consumables.

The topics available on our video resource page so far include:

  • Configuring Olympus cellSens
  • Differences between pE-300 Series models
  • Fitting and optimising the pE-300 Series
  • Choosing an SB or MB model

The series is ongoing, so be sure to keep an eye out for new topics.

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