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A CoolLED is for life

Written by CoolLED

Liz from CoolLED looks back at how far LED illumination has come in the last decade

CoolLED recently heard from a customer who purchased one of the first ever CoolLED Illumination Systems on the market, and who told us:

“Our precisExcite is working in a fantastic manner for over 10 years. It has already contributed to more than 10 publications from the lab and will continue to do so.” – Charles Harata, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics at the University of Iowa.

It’s a great testament to CoolLED’s systems, which are built to stand up to the rigours of the lab. After all, science is unpredictable enough without having to worry whether your microscope’s light source is working as it should. Now CoolLED’s products have been around for a little while (they launched the first commercially available LED Illumination System 14 years ago), they are starting to see how their hard work paid off for those early adopters of LED Illumination Systems!

As Liz joined CoolLED exactly 10 years ago, it also got her looking back at how far LED illumination technology has come over the last decade, and how CoolLED has grown as a company alongside this. I was the fifth employee, and now there are nearly 50 of us! In that time, we’ve expanded into new technology, new premises and even new continents (most recently China) which makes working as part of the marketing team an exciting challenge as it’s always changing.

LED illumination has evolved at lightning speeds and compared to our newer models, the precisExcite is a museum piece. Many applications now demand higher irradiance, a greater range of wavelength options and sophisticated control functions, and despite the challenging situation this year, we’re keeping ahead of the curve with a couple of exciting announcements.

Here’s to another 10 years – I can’t wait to see where CoolLED is and how our systems are contributing to ground-breaking science in 2030!

Let us know how long you’ve had your CoolLED for, and don’t forget, if you feel like writing an application note we’re also running a competition for donating to the COVID solidarity fund. 

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This content was supplied by CoolLED.